Bubblegum casting review

Bubblegum casting can be seen everywhere you look. There a many competitors making claims that they can do what Bubblegum can, but very few even come close. All in all Bubblegum casting has a very bright future, as does anyone fortunate enough to work with them, seriously, I started with them three months ago and have already been booked many times with very generous pay. My favorite part about working for this agency is that they are so willing to teach and are very easy going on a newbie like myself, I doubt I’ll ever work for any other agency.

Bubblegum casting reviews

Craze agency

Craze Agency was established in 1999 and represents premium models, actors and extras. The staff at Craze Agency screens and individually prepares our talent for your specific needs so you are getting reliable and professional talent. Craze Agency places the highest value on integrity, loyalty, technology and the absolute best service possible. I agree with most of this. In my time with crave I have had no negative experiences. I love the atmosphere and will continue to work here.


Working with monarch has been a blast. I get paid fairly well and get booked pretty often. The staff for the most part is cool, they could be a little more professional but it is suppose to be a fun environment so i guess it’s okay. I want to learn a little more and could use some more diversity in the types of gigs I am given but this has been a great place for me to start.